Site Update!

It’s not a LOT but I have been needing to clean up several sections that have been languishing. Firstly, the Hayven Celestia page has been extensively redone so it’s now got a reader’s guide on it and links to all available books! A&H Club now gives links to the start of every issue again! Pit Fighters now has a link …

Tales of Hayven Celestia, on sale!

The ebook is available now, the paperback is coming soon! This is a HUGE collection of thirteen stories that takes place in the universe of the geroo. Gre7g and I have been working super hard on this so I really hope you’ll enjoy it! Amazon US:

Holiday Sale!

It’s a holiday sale with soft glowing edges! Just go to the store!

A&H Club Volume 1 On Amazon! Also look for it (soon?) on Amazon Europe! The book contains ALL THREE ISSUES and looks great!

No Blog Updates In A While, So Here Is One

Just letting people know how current projects are going I’ve resolved myself to actually finish a full novel now and it’s gone really well, Final Days of the White Flower II alpha draft (Novel-length version of my short story Ten Thousand Miles Up) is currently sitting at 144,000 words (576 manuscript pages) which is by FAR the longest I’ve ever …

Housepets Book 6!

Housepets book 6!! Covering the comic arcs such as THE GALLIFRAX PROTOCOL, Jungle Fever, and the beginning of Heaven’s Not Enough! Coming out now! Order from Createspace: Soon to be on Amazon! OR, do you want a signed+sketch copy? It’s the print-of-the-month for this month on Patreon, you have one week to sign up for the $25 tier ($35 …

Storenvy Update 11/19

Storenvy Update! All Items – Sketches – Comics – Prints –