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A&H Club Volume 1

A&H Club Volume 1 is available on Amazon! This consists of the first 3 issues of the comic in one convenient (?) paper format! Includes bonus art, which cost more to include, so you'd better be happy!

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Sometimes it’s a struggle to merely tread water

A single mother and her loveable-horrible devil child have lost their home and need to rely on the kindness of a friend. A domestic comedy-drama about the evolution of relationships, both real and false.


Q: Why do none of the characters wear pants?

A: Because it’s my story and I need to make it fun for me.

Issue 1

Adrian's lost her home and needs a place for her and her young son to stay. Her best friend, Hilde, decides to host her, though it seems like they may not get along too well.

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Issue 2

Hilde's college friend Henry invites her and Adrian over for dinner, though neither of them have met his wife Eliza before.... 

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Issue 3

Adrian loses her top during her self-defense class, and isn't sure how to make it owrk until she's given an inordinate amount of money by a student.

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Issue 4

Adrian's had an accident, and Hilde now needs to juggle looking after Ali while also trying to make her date with Olivia.

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Issue 5

Adrian and Hilde are still upset with one another over their different views on obligations to one another, but decide to go on their date anyway. Eliza comes over to the apartment to babysit for Ali.

Additional art and coloring provided in this issue by Strawbearer and Qualzar!

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