No Blog Updates In A While, So Here Is One

Just letting people know how current projects are going

I’ve resolved myself to actually finish a full novel now and it’s gone really well, Final Days of the White Flower II alpha draft (Novel-length version of my short story Ten Thousand Miles Up) is currently sitting at 144,000 words (576 manuscript pages) which is by FAR the longest I’ve ever written a single story so I think any kind of mental blockages that keep me from writing at length can be considered mostly dealt with now. I still have hiccups from time to time but I have not considered giving up on it (Though hopefully when I’m done that means it’d be easier to write shorter stories? Maybe?) The progress bar has been altered to reflect this; no more juggling multiple books at the same time!

(We will ignore that I wrote a couple thousand words of Nothing Lasts Forever beta draft in order to get my creative juices flowing again; it does not count!

In terms of other projects, I am pre-planning a video game hopefully for real this time; ideally I will only start on it in earnest sometime when I don’t have four projects to work on at the same time (those four being Housepets, A&H Club, said novel, and my Patreon stuff). I did a write-up of the concept here. Maybe I’ll end up with some preproduction art at some point!