Housepets Book 6!

Housepets book 6!! Covering the comic arcs such as THE GALLIFRAX PROTOCOL, Jungle Fever, and the beginning of Heaven’s Not Enough! Coming out now! Order from Createspace: Soon to be on Amazon! OR, do you want a signed+sketch copy? It’s the print-of-the-month for this month on Patreon, you have one week to sign up for the $25 tier ($35 …

Storenvy Update 11/19

Storenvy Update! All Items – Sketches – Comics – Prints –

Storenvy Update 8/16/2015 19 new pictures posted for your perusal!

Storenvy Update 7/15/2015

Interesting that the first real update for RGS is on a different site! Check out the new things! Six prints have been added and all print prices have been reduced to $15!  Housepets Stickers, if you missed them!  Jess and the Celestials bookmarks have been added! 


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Campus Avenue

Campus Avenue bears a strange energy, intangible, ethereal. Halfway between the Administration Building and the Lower Dorms, six ancient stoneworks line the road. They are arranged the same way as the pips on the six side of a die, even rows with a gap between, where the brick road runs. The pedestals are four feet off the ground at their …


A bright red ball of yarn bounced down the hall before rolling to a stop on the carpet. Million, sitting against the wall with her legs crossed, turned her eyes to the ball with a faint whirr. Then she turned her head the other way, to Lily’s face leaning out of the bedroom. “I only look like a cat, you …


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