Ani-droids Novel On Sale!

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So! You might be curious about this book; I’ve been promising a sequel to ARGO for a while, but after an attempt to turn it into a visual novel I decided that the story I wanted to tell with Ani-droids worked best as a regular novel. So rather than a sequel, this is a retelling, with several new characters and many more twists and turns.

In addition, Ani-droids has TWENTY-SEVEN illustrations. That’s right, I went WAY out of my way for this one. I don’t know if I’ll ever make a book with this many again, but since Ani-droids always expressed itself visually in my head, I needed to make it as vivid as possible.

Content-wise: the story is actually pretty general audience, though be warned I get heady with some science stuff. I don’t know if I’d call it hard sci-fi but it’s definitely grounded in the way I prefer, similar to Hayven Celestia.

I will be working on getting an audiobook version out soon!